Frank's Sausages are changing the way Kiwis think about sausages. Despite their sometimes dubious reputation for being made up of little more than floor scrapings, flour and bread we see no reason why sausages should have to be dodgy. In fact we think great sausages are a cause for celebration. Our outlook comes from our honest approach to making sausages from only the finest ingredients possible.

We are sausage makers – not butchers

Our home made fresh gourmet sausages are made from New Zealand Free Range Pork with no added preservatives or chemicals. We take only the premium cuts of free range meat and combine them with the freshest ingredients. What’s more, all of our ingredients are listed on the label – so there are no surprises. Here’s what you need to know:  

Our sausages are made with 100% free range NZ meat

No added preservatives or chemicals (except where it unavoidable)

All products are Gluten free


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